Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Year, Another Resolution

Hello Ann Arbor, it's that time of year again when many folks make resolutions to make a dramatic change in how they eat, exercise, and how to treat mankind.You need to reach out to for  the exercise , and to treat your fellow man better, dig deep.  To make nutrition changes that last, I can help with that!

Do I believe in resolutions? No!  Do I believe change is possible, absolutely!  My clients are proof of that.

  Change takes commitment and goals.  Small attainable goals are my secret,not flipping your life upside down! 

Resolutions are usually very dramatic and unattainable.  You can stick with it for a for a while but then you fall down that slippery slope and feel like a failure.

Learning to make attainable changes in how you eat and think of food with a Nutrition Coach like myself can make you believe and stick with healthy changes, now and down the road.  

Many of my clients will not eat a new food or venture off the beaten path due to a perceived thought that they will not like something.  This is rooted in our childhood experiences.   I tell my clients that because you did not like a food at age 6 does not mean you would not like it as an adult.

Let's take oatmeal for example.  I recently had the pleasure of visiting my mother over the winter break.  She likes to have her oatmeal for breakfast, "props" to mom.  Yet listening to her slurp it, it is a wonder I ever grew up even trying it!  Oatmeal is a great food especially on a cold morning or a day you need energy to get you through a work-out or long morning.  It is high in soluble fiber to stick with you, and to help lower your cholesterol .  At our home oatmeal is a staple and we love to try new combinations.  I usually will take my left over oatmeal to work as a snack in-between meals.  My most recent combination is listed below, but don't be afraid, it is not your mother's oatmeal!

Oatmeal Treat

1 Cup cooked Steel Cut Oats, make it on the dry side, nut runny.
1 teaspoon dark Chocolate/Nut Spread
3 Walnuts ,crushed
4 dried apricots sliced.
Shake of cinnamon

This is delicious, rich in fiber and anti-oxidants. This is a good size portion.  Take the leftovers to be warmed in the afternoon as a snack rather than heading to the vending machine.

I believe food is the answer to good nutrition, not grabbing a over-hyped can or bottle of something.  So when trying to improve your health/nutrition look around the kitchen.  Many of the old standbys standby us well! 

Are you ready to make changes that last?  Call me at 734-341-0188 to schedule an appointment, or visit my website, Nutritious Dish with Kyle RD

Kyle,, Nutritious Dish with Kyle RD

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